Water Filtration Systems

Improve Your Health with an ONIT Water Filtration System

  • Ditch bottled waters by removing contaminants from your drinking water
  • Avoid health risks — remove chemicals and hardness from your bath water
  • Reduce wear and tear on your plumbing and appliances
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Other contaminants found in tap water:

Ammonia, Barium, Cadmium, Chlorine, Chloramine, Chromium, Viruses, Nitrates/Nitrites, Perchlorate, Radium, Selenium, Silver, Trihalomethanes, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Uranium

Sources: Water Pollution: Everything your need to know | NDRC

Remove 99% of Contaminants and PFAS “Forever Chemicals”

Remove 99% of Contaminants From Your Drinking Water

City water often contains minerals and contaminants that are harmful to our health and plumbing appliances. Our water filtration systems let families rest easy knowing the water they’re drinking is safe. Quickly remove up to 99% of contaminants from your tap water with a reverse osmosis system or upgrade to a whole home water system from ONIT Home.

Stop PFAS Contamination From Getting Into Your Water Supply

Forever chemicals, like PFAS contamination, is a growing concern in the United States. Learn how a water filtration system from ONIT Home is one of the most effective ways to remove PFAS contaminants from your water.

Other contaminants found in tap water:

Ammonia, Barium, Cadmium, Chlorine, Chloramine, Chromium, Viruses, Nitrates/Nitrites, Perchlorate, Radium, Selenium, Silver, Trihalomethanes, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), and Uranium

Sources: Water Pollution: Everything your need to know | NDRC

Get Started with a Free Water Test

Find out exactly what’s floating in your water with a free water test from ONIT Home. We complete our free water testing in-person with same-day results. After the analysis, we’ll break down the detected contaminants and provide you with a customized action-plan for improving your water quality before we head out the door.

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ONIT’s Water Treatment Systems

Our professionally installed water treatment systems are uniquely designed to meet the needs of your family. The water inside your home should be clean and healthy for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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Whole Home Water Filtration System

Contaminant-Free Water Throughout the Entire Home

With a whole home water filtration system, you can rest easy knowing the water you’re using is of the highest quality. Our water filtering systems eliminate many of the most common chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals floating in tap water all while remaining fully-automated and self-cleaning for a virtually hands-free experience.

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Water Softener System

Enjoy Softer Hair, Clearer Skin, and Shiny Glassware

Reduce the number of hard water minerals in your water supply with a water softener system. Hard water is the culprit behind many of the irritants we face at home. From dry skin and frizzy hair, to limescale buildup on our glassware, hard water is the source. Over time, hard water can damage plumbing with mineral deposits, leading to expensive repairs.

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Reverse Osmosis System

Taste a Deeper Clean

Designed with five stages of filtration, a reverse osmosis system powerfully eliminates contaminants from every drop of water throughout your home. Say goodbye to odors, pesticides, microscopic debris, and many other contaminants and instead enjoy clean water straight from your faucet. Learn more about our reverse osmosis system’s powerful levels of filtration starting at just $15/mo.

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UV Light Water Treatment

Remove 99.9% of Microorganisms

Give your family the cleanest water possible with UV Light Water Treatment. UV purification is the best option for removing viruses and bacteria from your water at home. The UV rays efficiently penetrate harmful pathogens and microorganisms it detects in our water right at the core to prevent the toxins from reproducing.

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Protect the Quality of Your Well Water with Reliable Filtration

Using water from a private source has many perks. Unfortunately, clean and healthy water isn’t one of them. Keep the water you and your family use each day safe with the Iron Boss, a whole home water filtration system designed to remove harmful substances from your water supply. In as little as three steps, the Iron Boss naturally removes contaminants from your water. Learn more about ONIT’s low-maintenance and self-cleaning well water filtration system.

Know What’s In Your Water Supply with Well Water Testing

Private water sources, like well water, aren’t federally regulated. If your water supply is from a well, you need to test your water annually for contaminants. Homeowners with a more shallow well under 100 feet, should test their water twice a year. Trust your well water testing to ONIT Home. We’re the trusted source for clean water and offer comprehensive testing for the most common contaminants such as sulfate, fluoride, and many more. Give us a call for your in-person test with same-day results.

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Amal Kadri

“When I called ONIT Water I was genuinely amazed at how helpful they were. Even though it became clear within minutes of the call that I was asking about a service they didn't even provide, Brad stayed on the phone with me for another 30 minutes just to help me find my own solution. He didn't try to sell me anything; he was just kind, transparent, and extremely helpful through and through. I don't think I've ever written a review for a company before, but they definitely earned my future business should I ever need their services. ONIT just REALLY want's everyone to have clean water, full stop.”

January 25th 2021
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Shileya Witcher

“Brock was my rep he was very knowledgeable and professional. The info he shared was so educational And I’m so happy I made the investment to get the water conditioning system installed. I love the results and the pure and gentle cleaning products as well. Totally a good investment!”

December 3rd 2020
published on
Lakica Jones

“Our home inspection company offered us a free water test and since we were new to the area we thought it would be a great idea just to see the results. Brock was our representative and he was awesome! He was very knowledgeable and personable! It was an exciting experience almost like a science experiment but it was also scary to hear that there are acceptable levels of toxic chemicals allowed to be in the water we use everyday! It was a no brainer for us to invest in the water filtration system and we love!!! It has saved us so much money and it has done wonders for our skin and hair! I would highly recommend you setting up an appointment to allow Brock to come perform a water test at your home! You would be surprised!”

November 18th 2020
published on
Sarah A

“The new water system has made my hair and skin softer and healthier! I use less product and I am saving money. A great company and product.”

September 4th 2020
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